Want to sell my house in Georgia. Do I Need an Agent or Can I Sell My House on My Own or?

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Homeowners always have multiple options while looking to sell their house.  The best option depends on the current market situation.  To sell a house without the help of an agent, homeowners can either do an “FSBO” sale or sell to a real estate investor in Georgia.

Real Estate Investors can be a company, individual, or a group of people who would buy your home/house. The home sale is mostly done quickly without wasting time. There are no open houses, no show times, and no lowball offers to decline.

Advantages of Selling to a real estate investor can:

  • Save your house
  • Allow a short sale
  • Get you fast cash for house
  • Assist with a loan modification
  • Quick close (within 7 days)
  • Remove the stress of selling your house
  • Give you hassle free payment in full at the time of sale

You can also avoid to deal with: additional mortgage payments, bad tenants, a vacant house, time consuming listings with a realtor, paperwork (the real estate investor handles everything you need them to handle, so you don’t have to).

FSBO sales:
No real estate agent commissions – This will help you to retain more money from the house for sale.

  • This is usually 3% for the buyer/listing agent and 3% for the seller’s agent.
  • It’s important that the seller use the correct documentation and have a lawyer review it before closing the deal.
  • The home seller is also responsible for showing the property and attending the calls. However this can be time consuming.

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