It’s important that you know about situations in your local market, it improves the chances of getting the best possible price for your home. In a buyer’s market it’s hard being a seller. However you can increase your chances with the right research. In many cases, for a smart deal it’s important to do a market study.

For any of the home owner it’s normal to try and maximize profits when it comes to placing their home on the market. One tactic many prospective sellers consider when trying to cash in is cutting the commission of realtor by selling the house themselves!

Try considering below points while selling your house:

  • Be realistic – You have to be realistic while setting the price of your home. Many of the home owners fail to sell because they think their home is worth more than the market price.


  • Attract buyers – While marketing your home, note down the selling points that might attract your buyers.


  • Be available and Flexible – When home buyers or their realtors contact you, try to be flexible and available. You should be aware that people might be willing to see the home in the middle of the day.

    buy flexible

There are many options for selling a house for sale.  Why should I sell my house to a real estate investor?   How can I benefit from allowing a real estate investor to buy my house for sale?


Selling your house to a real estate investor has many benefits, it can:  save your house from foreclosure, save your credit, allow you to qualify for a short sale, assist with a loan modification, get you fast cash for your house, quick close (some companies offer cash in 7 cash days), eliminate all the stress of selling your house, and give you hassle free payment for the purchase of your house IN FULL at the time of sale.


Some of the great things you do NOT have to deal with when you sell a house to a real estate investor are:  having to pay additional mortgage payments, dealing with the inconveniences of a vacant house, putting up with bad tenants that destroy your house or don’t pay, and the time consuming process of listing the house for sale with a realtor or for sale by owner (including cleaning and leaving the house for showing appointments), paperwork (the real estate investor handles the paperwork).


Regular Joes that are looking to buy a house have a specific home in mind and will search in order to find it.  For those selling a house that means MANY showings and much wasted time without producing an acceptable offer.  Finding the right buyer for your house is like finding a needle in a hay stack.


On the other hand, real estate investors are serious buyers with cash in hand looking for decent houses to buy and keep to rent or houses to buy and sell.  They aren’t as particular as someone in the market for the perfect house to match their needs.


Real estate investors buy homes that make financial sense without emotional involvement and that makes the entire process of selling a home easier for all parties involved!

So you’ve decided that you want or need to sell your house.  There are many more options than there used to be regarding HOW to sell your house fast.

Regardless of what real estate news says motivated sellers have a lot of options.

The most traditional option for a motivated seller to sell a house fast is “Seller Agency”.  This relationship is between a real estate agent and a seller in the brokerage of homes. The listing or real estate agent and the seller enter a written contact that specifies: home price, duration of agreement, commission, rights & obligations, duties, etc.  Most commonly the listing agreements are “exclusive sale”.  This means that the agent/broker earns a commission even if the seller finds the buyer (in an exclusive agency agreement, the agent/broker must procure the buyer to earn a full commission).

In return for this commission, the listing Agent/Broker agrees to assist in setting a selling price,  negotiate, advertising/marketing including posting in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), arranging open houses, fielding inquiries and organizing showings, prepare contracts, and manage final transaction, all while acting in the Seller’s best interests.  The Listing Agreement usually specifies that the Listing Agent/Broker agrees to split, the total commission with a Buyer Agent/Broker who represents the Buyer if that applies. The cost of a traditional broker is 4% to 7% of the selling price of the property, that amount typically being split between two brokers involved in the transaction

Flat fee MLS (sometimes referred to as “flat rate mls” or “fixed fee mls”) refers to the practice in the real estate industry of placing pertinent information about a property for sale into the database of the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a set fee or dollar amount as opposed to a commission based (as with listing with a real estate agent) on the sale price of the property.

In this instance, the Listing contract between the real estate broker and the property owner typically requires the broker to enter the property into the MLS and calls for the seller to pay the broker a flat fee for the service. The net effect is to make the real estate industry’s standard MLS available as a marketing tool to house sellers without the necessity of the seller purchasing a package of other services from the real estate agent.

This service is typically much cheaper than using a traditional real estate listing contract. The listing fee for a “flat fee MLS” can range anywhere from $200-$500, depending on the area,. However, in all cases where the property is “listed” in an MLS when using a fixed fee service, the seller must still offer a “Buyer’s Agent Commission”, typically 2.5% to 3% of the selling price paid to a co-operating broker who brings a buyer. However, the commission which is normally paid to “listing” broker is eliminated by payment of the flat fee. The savings can be substantial.  The savings is great but there is no promise of selling your house fast.  For more info regarding selling a home fast contact

Wood panel has to go…or does it.  Nobody buys a house because it has great wood paneling but we all know it is a pain to tear down and put up drywall.  An easier way to update the room is to paint the paneling with a light paint or fill in the grooves with wood filler to make a smooth appearance.  Presto, new room!

Add décor and drama to windows without the expense of window treatments.  Use placemats to create a classy look by simply attaching hook and eye to the back and hanging them in a row.

Nice kitchens sell houses fast!  New appliances give the feeling of a renovated kitchen even if everything else is old.  Stainless steel appliances are selling houses.  If you want to give the look of stainless steel without the expense…remove the front panels of your dishwasher and add a cut to size stick on stainless front.  Instead of buying and installing new cabinets just stain the old ones and add new hardware.  If the hardware holes are stripped use a toothpick dipped in glue to fix the problem.  Once it dries the new hardware will be tight and sturdy as new.

Make the fireplace a dream rather than an eyesore.  Start by scrubbing it with soap and water so it is clean.  For stone fireplaces use a color enhancer and polisher to make it shine.  For old brick fireplaces use the same color paint as the walls or a complimentary color to dab or brush paint on each brick (without covering completely).  Next, either replace or paint the screen to enhance the new look of the fireplace.  This house for sale will sell fast with a fireplace that stands out as a selling feature instead of being an eyesore.

Bathrooms can sell a house quick!  Just like the rest of the house…paint and clean.  The walls, toilet, mirror, sink, and floor all have to be sparkling clean.  To help with the shower door that won’t come clean-use this mixture and steel wool (1 part muriatic acid to 10 parts water). Simply wipe it down and it’s good as new.  Be sure to remove any hard water damage on toilets, sinks and tubs with chemical cleansers.  Updated tile and pedestal sinks really captivate home buyers.  Rip out the old vanity and replace it with a simple pedestal sink.  To update old tile without all the work and cost paint it.  Use a high adhesion primer then brush on ceramic epoxy and tadda the look of new tile.
Don’t want to do the work, take the time or spend the money?  Then contact  They will buy your house for sale fast in “as is” condition!

Homeowners that need to “sell my house fast” in Phoenix usually ask friends and family how “We Buy Houses” companies and real estate investors can buy their home for cash within the week.

Another common question we hear from homeowners that need to sell their house in Phoenix AZ fast is: “Has anyone ever answered the “We Buy Houses” ads that say “We will buy your house”? How would they buy my house?  Why would I want to sell my house to them and are they trying to buy my house for nothing?”

Here is an easy to understand explanation of how they can buy your house in Phoenix AZ fast and why “We Buy Houses” companies real estate investors such as and want to buy your house in Phoenix AZ.

“We Buy Houses” companies and real estate investors CAN buy your home fast in Phoenix AZ with a number of creative solutions to end your financial stress.  If you need to sell your house fast in Phoenix AZ and you need cash for your home or you need money for your home fast (meaning within the week) you will likely get a little less money but in a much quicker time frame.

If you could sell your home using traditional means, such as a realtor or FSBO (for sale by owner) signs, you could do so, but it could take that you don’t have.  The “We Buy Houses” company or real state investor will buy your house FAST that you need sold in Phoenix AZ in exchange for: making it a quick smooth process, taking on the inconvenience and risk of buying your house fast.

You might be going through financial hardship and need cash for your house fast, selling your house to an investor with flexible terms might be in your best interest.

“We Buy Houses” companies and professional real estate investors are investors, and buying houses is a business.  Investors want to buy your house, put money into the property by doing repairs and marketing the house and in the end make a small profit in exchange for their time, work and money.

Hopefully this simple explanation clears up the misconception that investors are trying to rip homeowners off.  It is important to mention that not all investors are created equal.  Homeowners should only do business with an honest, reputable company such as

This is not to say that selling your house to a real estate investor costs more, because it doesn’t.  The discount is just up front, instead of the traditional way of selling your house for $200,000 then paying closing costs of a few thousand, realtor commission of $12,000, not to mention the house payments and taxes you had to pay while waiting for a buyer and the closing.  The sale price of $200,000 is meaningless, the actual money you have after paying all of aforementioned costs is what matters.

Often when a bank begins the foreclosure process, the information goes public on a foreclosure list which gives all types of companies your information.  Due to this, homeowners facing foreclosure can get overwhelmed by offers of help from all sorts of companies both reputable and scammers.

Companies that offer to buy your house fast are referred to as equity purchasers or real estate investors.  Rather than hoping you get an honest and reputable company’s information in the mail contact and KNOW that you are safe.

Real estate investors/equity purchasers such as will offer homeowners a few thousand dollars for the equity remaining in the property. It is also common that they will attempt to work out a loan modification with the mortgage company and/or take over the monthly mortgage payments from the homeowners.

Selling your house to a real estate investor can allow homeowners to remain in the property for an agreed upon amount of time after selling your house to  This can be done through a lease option or a rent-to-own agreement. With this option homeowners can stop foreclosure and continue living in their house until the agreed upon time is up or until they qualify for a mortgage in order to buy the house back.

Another option when selling your house to a professional real estate investor/equity purchaser is selling your house to them for a fair price and moving out at closing.

Even if you have your house for sale currently with a realtor you will probably receive offers from equity purchasers and/or real estate investors directly, rather than through their real estate agent. The reason is purchasers would rather let you keep or split the money that would be paid to the realtor for commission for the sale and they would prefer to discuss the home buying options directly with the borrowers.

The risk associated with selling your house to a real estate investor is doing business with an investor/company that isn’t honest and reputable. is a great option for homeowners facing foreclosure who need to sell their house fast.

Being able to sell your house quickly and get out of a property before it is lost to foreclosure is definitely preferable to having a foreclosure on your record and losing your house.

3 Options of How to Sell a House.

How to save time and keep more profit…

Selling a house is one the scariest things in the world for most people.  Surely it has to do with the contracts, industry terms, costs, and the idea that most people don’t do it regularly enough to get comfortable.

With the real estate industry options available selling a house CAN be easy and stress free.

Below are 3 home selling options/examples for the same house.  (Let’s assume this is an average house whose fair market value has been established at $150,000 in an average neighborhood in the U.S.)

Option 1: Selling my house in the “traditional” manner

The traditional manner of putting the house for sale on the market with a realtor.  Typically the realtor will suggest a list price of $149,900 if the value of the home is $150,000.  Even though you lose $100 research shows that buyers see the savings as more than $100 and are more likely to buy your house.

Current stats show that the average home for sale sells or closes for 90 to 95% of the asking price.  Let’s go in the middle and assume you accept an offer of 93% which is $139,400. To figure out the “net sale” or amount you walk away with subtract the costs involved with selling a home in this manner.

The average realtor commission is about 6%.  In this example that is $139,400 minus $8,360 which brings your net profit to $131, 040.  Sellers usually agree to pay 3% of the buyers closing costs which in this example is $4,182 and brings your net to $126,858.  There are always going to be upgrades, repairs, or enhancements recommended by the realtor in an attempt to entice buyers to buy your house.  At the very least this will be $1000 which brings your net to $125,858.  Potentially the most expensive cost is the house payments that have to be made while the house sits on the market.  From listing to closing it is 90 days minimum but it is MUCH longer than that in today’s market.  That means your “net” after sale is 84% of the actual selling price using this method for selling your house.


Option 2: Listing with a Discount Realtor

Discount Realtor services list your home but take a smaller commission, which allows you to keep from 2 to 5% more of your selling price.  For our example house that could mean over $7,000.

The upside is that you are listed on the MLS and the downside is that you have the same costs and time delays as with the “traditional” method.  Since a discount realtor provides limited services it could mean that your house for sale could take even longer to sell.  This is a more cost effective method as long as you have time to invest and you don’t have to sell right away.

Option 3: Selling your house to a Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investors have significant cash flow and are looking to buy houses in any market, in any price range and in “as is condition”.  Typically Real Estate Investors buy a home for 80 to 90% of its fair market value.  Homeowners pay no closing costs, never pay commission, and can get an offer for free without obligation in as little as 24 hours.

Using this method, a homeowner could net or keep more than using the traditional method.  Another benefit of selling your house to an investor is that you sell in 7 days and can also ask for a cash offer.  That is why this option for selling a home is increasing quickly in popularity over the last decade.  The buyers are flexible, if you don’t want to close for 2 months-no problem, just give them your time table.

The negative of selling to a real estate investor is the risk of scam artists.  Eliminate that risk by using a reputable, honest company such as   Their compassionate staff can make selling your home easy and stress free so that you can move on with your life.

There are numerous options for selling your house in today’s market.

Be sure to review all of your options to decide which method is the best fit for you and your current situation.  “Non traditional” methods as they are referred to are becoming more and more popular because they offer a great solution and often a better deal than using a traditional realtor.

If you need to sell your house take two minutes and get a quote from you have nothing to lose…except time, money, and possibly even your house.

If you don’t sell your house and are facing foreclosure on your 1st mortgage what should you do with the 2nd mortgage?  After the mortgage lender for the 1st mortgage forecloses your property, they will sell it to the highest bidder in the foreclosure auction sale. The proceeds of the sale will be used to pay down your first loan and then the second. 

The lender or buyer will give you a time period as per the state or bank laws after which you’ll have to vacate the property. There’ll be a date set by the Sheriff on which he’ll come and evict you if at all you don’t move out.

Once the 1st lender holds a foreclose sale, the second mortgage lender can take the do the following:

  • If the foreclosure sale doesn’t fulfill the 2nd mortgage loan balance, the lender can file a deficiency judgment against you
  • File a civil judgment against you in court or garnish your income.
  • The 2nd lender could bid for the property at the foreclosure auction so they can sell it to cover the money the second lender has extended to you.
  • Even after the first lender sells off property, the second lender can pay off the required amount of money to the first and get back property at the end of the redemption period.

As soon as possible you should try to negotiate with the second lender, set an amount that you can pay off in easy installments and hope that they accept your offer.

Another option that the 2nd lender can do is a charge off of the remaining mortgage balance.  This means that the second lender considers the debt as uncollectible. The homeowner is still responsible for paying off the 2nd mortgage balance after the foreclosure. 

A “2nd mortgage charge-off” will have a negative impact on your credit score. So, try to repay the charged-off debt then be sure that the lender updates the credit bureaus.  Your credit report should state “Paid Charge-off” or “Settled Charge-off”.

Be careful, if you don’t pay the charge off in full it may be considered as income.  Some state laws require you to pay tax on the unpaid debt. However, if you are lucky and the lender forgives the unpaid debt, you may not have to pay tax as long as you qualify for the tax relief on mortgage debt forgiveness.

If you want to avoid foreclosure completely contact  They are a group of compassionate real estate investors looking to help homeowners in need. is able to buy your house for a fair price, within the week for free. Go to for more information.

If you want to sell your house fast in this market, you have to be creative in finding a buyer.  Listing your house with a realtor and waiting for a buyer takes months if not years and they will likely offer you significantly less than you are asking AND you have to pay thousands in realtor commission.

Property auctions are becoming more common due to the increased demand for auction properties by buyers and the likelihood that the sale price could be driven up by the competition at the auction.

It is important to know that auction contracts are legal and binding for buyers and sellers. The person buying your house has to pay a ten percent deposit and come up with the balance within twenty eight days. These terms written into the contract help to avoid uncertainty associated with selling a house via auction then the buyer pulling out at the last minute.

Auction sales are not for everyone though.  For example, ugly houses or run down houses for sale at auction usually attract buyers that are specifically looking for a renovation project.  Unique houses for sale are difficult to determine a definitive price so auction sale prices might not be as high as you would like because bidders will pay the price they feel that the house for sale is worth.

When making the decision on whom to hire to sell your house fast at auction be sure to find a reputable that specializes in home auctions.

To sell your house fast via auction it will cost you approximately 2.5% of the purchase cost of the house for sale.  Be sure to look at the fine print, you could also be responsible for paying for the advertising and legal costs. It is very important to have a real estate lawyer prepare contracts and paperwork.

If you need to sell your house fast and want it to be easy and free contact for a no commitment quote to buy your house fast.  One of their professional reputable and honest real estate investors will make you a fair price offer to buy your house fast within days.

It is very common these days for a homeowner to unexpectedly find themselves needing to sell their home fast.  But, where do you start and how should you go about selling your home especially if you have recently said “I need to sell my home fast”?

There are all sorts of reasons why someone would need to sell their house fast. You could be behind on payments, facing foreclosure, lost a job, vacant house how you got where you are isn’t particularly important.  The important thing is how you should turn your debt into an asset by selling your home fast.

By the time you`re thinking “I NEED to sell my house fast”, it is probably too late for waiting around for a buyer either by listing with a realtor or “for sale by owner”.

You need to sell your house as fast as possible but what are your options?

In most neighborhoods there are lots of homes are for sale and only a few buyers.  Being in competition with all of the other sellers forces you to be creative in finding a way to you’re your house fast.

To be successful in selling your house fast in a slow market you just have to be more creative at selling your house for sale.  The number of houses being sold is way down, but houses ARE selling.

Get your house ready to show inside and out then use a unique marketing message such as an auction that will encourage browsers to make an offer on pronto.

Begin my making the outside of the house look clean and well taken care of.  “Curb appeal” allows those looking to buy a house to assume that you have taken great care of the house.  On the inside, fix all of those repairs that have been on your to do list, de-clutter, and make it nice and tidy.  New paint and flooring always make the house cleaner and updated.

Use a unique marketing technique such as an auction rather than waiting around for a buyer.  Post a sign in your yard, put up road signs, take out ads in papers, and tell everyone you know that you are auctioning off your house.  Explain to callers and others that are interested that you holding an open house/auction on Saturday and Sunday.  Then let them outbid each other on Sunday night so you will get the highest price and a quick sale.  This will encourage lots of people to show up to an open house and compel them to make an offer.  A do it yourself auction sale requires time because your phone will ring off the hook and resources but it could sell your house fast.

If you need to sell your house fast but aren’t interested or can’t spend the time and resources on prepping your house and hosting an auction you can always sell your house to a professional real estate investor.  Not all investors are created equal so be sure to deal with a reputable, respectable and honest company such as  They can allow you to sell your house fast, very easily and for a fair price by buying your house in 7 days.  They can even make you a cash offer to buy your house fast!

For more information or to receive a no commitment quote visit today before it is too late.