How can I sell my house to avoid a foreclosure on my credit in Arizona?

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Having a house for sale in Arizona and trying to sell a house is stressful especially when it doesn’t sell and you are faced with a potential foreclosure in Arizona.


It is important to understand when and how you can avoid foreclosure by selling your house in Arizona. The foreclosure process starts when homeowners aren’t able to pay their monthly mortgage payment for three or more months. At this point the bank will raise a notice of default.

The court sets a date for the foreclosed house for sale to be auctioned. Homeowners receive legal notice by mail that the house for sale will be auctioned off. Usually a deputy will arrive at the property a few days later to post a copy of the notice of sale. The notice states the date and time that the property will go on the auction block.

The homeowner has to move out of the house after the auction sale is complete if they haven’t already. Auctions are usually held at the county courthouse. The balance owed on the mortgage plus court costs is usually the starting bid. If the foreclosed home for sale doesn’t sell, a real estate agency chosen by the lender will put the house for sale again.

Homeowners are able to sell the house for sale at any point as long as they are the legal owners still. If you are down to the wire and need to sell the house for sale fast before the bank takes it contact

The sooner you call them the more likely it is that they can save you from foreclosure by buying your house within 7 days.

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